Department of Horticulture and Food Science imparts education on technologies involved in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, spices & condiments, landscaping, food science along with value addition in agricultural crops and Agro Forestry.

Disciplines :

  • Horticulture
  • Food Science & Technology

Instructional Units :

  • Model Orchard
  • Roof Garden
  • Polyhouse Unit
  • Trellis
  • Botanical Garden
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Shade Net

Production Units :

  • Nursery Unit
  • Food Processing and Value Addition
  • Fruits & vegetables Sales Outlet
  • Flower Production Unit

Hands on Training :

  • Layout and planting of fruit trees and other horticultural crops.
  • Practicing asexual methods of propagation like cutting, layering, budding and grafting
  • Nursery management, dry flower arrangement, bonsai, terrarium and herbarium making.
  • Sensory evaluation of food samples, nutritional analysis of foods and microbial study of foods.
  • Food safety issues and food plant sanitation.