Crop Improvement

Crop Improvement

Department of Crop Improvement involves in teaching plant breeding and genetics of crops, developing new plant cultivars through hybridization and tissue culture, seed physiology, biology and pathology related to seed dormancy, germination, development, maturation, quality and deterioration and biochemical processes involved in plant growth and regulation.

Disciplines :

  • Plant Breeding & Genetics
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Seed science and Technology

Instructional Units:

  • Tissue Culture Unit.

Production Units :

  • Seed Production Unit

Hands on Training :

  • Dissection and evaluation of floral parts in various crops and breeding techniques.
  • Emasculation, crossing and selfing techniques for agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • DNA isolation and MAS (Marker Assisted Selection).
  • Seed germination, seed treatment methods, dormancy breaking methods, vigour & viability test.
  • Estimation of photosynthetic pigments and identification of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Assessment of abiotic stress related parameters.